Crescent Moon Project

Proudly Presenting: 
A Four Week Pop-Up Space to Celebrate Iranian Arts and Culture 
March 2015 - Manhattan

Crescent Moon Projects in Manhattan is a four week Pop Up Celebration of Iranian arts and culture bringing together theater (The Little Black Fish), installations (The Peoples’ Freedom Tower) culinary arts (Making Marzipan Mulberries and Using Roses and Rose-water), lectures (Symbolism in the Persian Garden), performances, (Tarand Tonbak), more installations, (A Musical Self-portrait) photography (Iranian life on the Persian carpet), storytelling, dance, calligraphy, and a portable photography studio reminiscent of those from the 19th century.  

It is a space conceived for participatory, hands-on engagement where we can all enjoy the richness and complexities of Iranian culture, and examine what it means to be Iranian.  

JOIN THE KICKSTARTER MOVEMENT ---- as we count down to Norooz!