Earlier this month, Fast Company Magazine named Open Architecture Collaborative as one of the best Design Non-Profits to donate too. 

Fast Company MIIM Designs

And if those interests happen to be design-related, we've done your research for you. Below are design and architecture nonprofits that are doing great work and need your money. A note on our methodology: Since we're a national publication, we limited the list to organizations that have a national presence (though we encourage you to donate to local organizations, too). 

the newly relaunched Open Architecture Collaborative is an international nonprofit that provides grassroots advocacy, planning, and socially responsible design to communities where those services are needed the most. Volunteer architects and designers working with the 30 chapters worldwide have done everything from building a neighborhood arts center in Chicago to providing post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction in Mississippi…. The organization put humanitarian design on the map, and with its new structure and leadership, it's poised to keep doing so. Donate here.