International Day of Women

MIIM Designs Featured in Aslan Media for "Muslima" Exhibition

MIIM Designs was honored to be featured in Aslan Media  for its participation in the International Museum of Women exhibition Muslima: Muslim Women's Arts and Voices.

Check out MIIM Designs' contribution, "[SACRED SPACE], a series of infographics by Palto Alto-based art and architecture studio MIIM Designs that take on the question, “Is there equal space between men and women in American Muslim mosques?” The infographics show how architecture posits a deeper meaning on the purpose and context of gender inequality through social and sacred spaces - typically negotiated in favor of men - and how this relationship affects female participation and sense of place within American Muslim communities. “Muslim-American communities, the majority of whom are American-born Muslims or American converts, have transplanted the architectural lexicons of mosques located in the Middle East wholesale into U.S. urban landscapes,” MIIM notes in the artist’s statement for [SACRED SPACE], “This trans-continental attempt at architectural mobility from the Middle East to the U.S., however, does not come without issues.”

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According to Aslan, "empowerment does provide opportunity for the unified whole that comes when otherwise-muted voices are amplified, not only breaking down myths and stereotypes but also building intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. This is the goal of Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art and Voices, a provocative and groundbreaking online global exhibition from the San Francisco-based International Museum of Women (IMOW). Curated by Samina Ali, an Indian-born Muslim known for her 2004 novel Madras on Rainy Days, the show is an international showcase of the themes and issues faced by female artists who either self-identify with Islam or are labeled Muslim because of familial, cultural or religious background. Exploring and challenging the broad spectrum of perceived status, agenda, and realities lived by Muslim women today, the exhibition gives voice to their passions, their accomplishments and their expressiveness- redefining both individual and collective identities as artists and activists...

Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art and Voices, which officially launched online on March 7, just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, runs through the end of the year. It marks a global community partnership for IMOW, who teamed up with Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization (UAE), The Women’s Museum (Denmark), The Ayala Museum (Philippines) and over 40 Muslima Ambassadors- creative Muslim women in their 20s and 30s who participated in workshops and online dialogues, serving as advisors, contributors and co-curators."