CLIENT: Winterstation
LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
STATUS: Proposal | Competition

Canada Toronto winters are long and unpredictable. They consist of varying temperatures, amount of precipitation, wind, in short: dispositions. There are days the snow falls heavy. Other days are deceptively bright and sunny, but with bristling winds and plummeting cold. The snow accumulates, along with the ice, and sometimes it is blown away, dispersed in drifts. But at some point during the long winter months the temperature rises and the sun melts all the snow away.    

"Light Breeze"

This idea transforms wind into light. Hanging wind powered LED lights that can be powered by the smallest breeze. Using the vertical pinwheel as precedent, we rotated the pinwheel into a horizontal direction to allow for subtle changes within the environment. How bright the LED glows corresponds directly to how fast the turbine spins allowing the visualization of the wind-power. "Light Breeze" demonstrates how renewable energy can be used to power sustainable art and design, and by visualizing the invisible, draws attention to how much energy is freely available but is not being used.