CLIENT: City of Boston


AREA: 326,000 GSF

TEAM: Maryam Eskandari, Butool Jafri, and Bryan Mock

STATUS: Feasibility Study

The architectural characteristic of the design is to adhere with the historical neighborhood. This site is to be developed as though it has been residing in this neighborhood for hundreds of years. Located in the center of Sargent Wharf is Boston Inner Harbor, the site of a new, historically sensitive, multi-family dwelling unit.

Designed on the former site of a 'money-making' parking lot, the six-million dollar land is developed to house multi-generational families. Three zones: public, communal, and private are developed within the site. Situated off of the public area, the street and the communal garden emulate the energetic family gardens of traditional Italian and Middle Eastern urban family homes and neighborhoods, capturing the cool air of summer and the warmth of winter.