UN-Habitat | 2014

CLIENT: United Nations | UN Habitat
LOCATIONS: Haiti, India, Syria, and Nepal
AREA: Shipping Containers (Varies) 
TEAMMaryam Eskandari, Dan Flagin, Bryan Mock, and Butool Jafri
STATUS: In-Process

The United Nations agency for human settlements, UN-Habitat seeks to create sustainable urban environments around the world. UN-Habitat programmes are intended to help educate lawmakers and policy-makers on the complexities of housing settlements and sustainable practices. MIIM Designs has partnered with UN-Habitat to create an informative compilation of research on temporary housing needs in Haiti, the Gaza Strip and Nepal. Once we discussed the housing issues these three regions faced, we designed a series of potential temporary refugee housing units that would be created using sustainable materials and would be easy to transport with a prefabricated design. We hope that our partnership with UN-Habitat will have a positive impact on refugees around the world and the housing settlements within which they reside and hale from.