Samina Ali Discusses the "Muslima" Exhibition and MIIM Designs' "Sacred Space"

MIIM Designs was featured in altmuslim: Global Perspectives on Muslim life, politics and culture as the studio commemorated International Women's Day, participating in the International Museum of Women exhibition Muslima: Muslim Women's Arts and Voices

Curated by Samina Ali, co-founder of the American Muslim feminist organization Daughters of Hajar and author of the critically acclaimed novel Madras on Rainy Days, "Muslima" features the art, writing and voices of Muslim women from across the globe. What is particularly unique about the exhibition is that rather than speaking about Muslim women, "Muslima" features the art, narratives, and reform efforts of Muslim women themselves in a groundbreaking illustration of the rich diversity of Muslim women's experiences, ambitions, and creativity around the world. 

Ali reiterates this in expressing the aims of the exhibition: "Listen to Muslim women. Listen to their passions. Listen to the realities of what being a woman today means. Being Muslim is just one aspect of a woman's personality. They are leaders, they are CEOs, and they are broadcast journalists. They are mothers, wives, and sisters."

Check out "Muslima" and its "Speak Up! Listen Up!" action campaign to "support the efforts of Muslim women and others worldwide who are leading the movement for a more just, equitable, and inclusive world." 

And be sure to check out MIIM's contribution to the "Muslima" exhibit here! We hope you will continue to join and support us in our own efforts for gender equality in the mosque, in schools, and across the globe. 

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